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In Shop Service

Bring your computer in for service and we will clean up your Windows system to get it running better.

What to bring for In-Shop service?

  • Laptops must include the power supply, or the laptop will be returned unrepaired. Laptop carrying case are recommended for transport.

  • Desktops only require the computer itself - do not bring any additional cables or peripherals. Additional parts get lost and may not be returned.

  • If you need licensed software installed/reinstalled, please supply the original installation discs and the product keys.

  • Also bring the original drivers disc that came with the system.

Virus Removal must be done in-shop. See current Rates.

If you have an "easy" fix that can be done within 5 minutes - no charge for the service.
This is mostly for "Operator Errors" and "Eye-Dee-Ten-Tee" errors.

We use a high-speed Internet connection to download and install software and driver updates to your system as needed.

Limited repair and replacement parts are in-stock we may need to order parts.
We have
most laptop replacement DC power jacks in stock.

See here for location.


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