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Laptop Repair

Laptops are becoming more popular. It's nice to be able to take a computer system with you. We regularly take a netbook PC along on service calls to help troubleshoot a customer's computer.

Laptop repair

The problem with laptops is that they're easier to break than a desktop PC because they are portable. Repair and replacement parts also cost more on a laptop than a desktop.

Laptops brought in for repair must include its power supply! Laptops without power supplies will be refused.

We have experience repairing the major laptop brands: Lenovo/IBM, Dell, HP/Compaq, Toshiba, Acer/Gateway, etc.

A common laptop repair we do is the DC jack replacement. The DC jack is easily broken but can be difficult to repair. It involves taking the laptop completely apart down to its system board, removing the broken jack, soldering in a new jack and reassembly. A typical DC jack replacement costs around $100-150 for the repair and parts. We have most common laptop DC jacks in-stock.

We also replace broken LCD screens on laptops. We usually have to order the LCD screen for your laptop model and it takes about a week to receive. A deposit is required before ordering the screen. The charge for LCD screen replacement is around $60-120, plus the parts.

There is a surcharge on laptop repair of $30 above the hourly shop labor. This surcharge is for major laptop repairs requiring the laptop case to be opened for the repair such as DC jack repair, LCD, hinge replacement, etc. It normally doesn't apply to memory or hard drive replacement/upgrade that doesn't require the laptop to be completely disassembled.

Laptop repairs are done In-Shop. You must bring your laptop in for repair.

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