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Got a virus???

The BEST antivirus is between your chair and keyboard, and between your finger and mouse!

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There are many viruses, Trojans, malware, ransomware, and other bad programs out there trying to get into your computer.
GB's does NOT recommend any certain brand of antivirus software, just that you have something that works, and you use it.
We recommend using CrypoPrevent and Malwarebytes along with your current antivirus software.

CryptoLocker is a BAD ransomware virus. CryptoLocker usually comes from an infected email attachment. Beware of any email attachments, especially from a shipping company with a package tracking number attachment, and you haven't ordered anything, or from the IRS, they don't have your email address.
If your system is infected with CryptoLocker or similar ransomware, it encrypts your files and the ONLY way to get your data back is to PAY the ransom. Some versions of CryptoLocker will also infect backups and network shares. Recommend keeping an additional offline backup data set for recovery.
The CryptoLocker ransom to get your data back is usually $500 or more, using Bitcoin, with no guarantee.
If you have this ransomware, we can pay the ransom via Bitcoin to try to recover your data with your approval.
You will be responsible for the ransom payment and Bitcoin surcharge (see Rates), plus the cost of virus removal, even if data recovery is unsuccessful.
GB's recommends downloading CrypoPrevent or similar for CryptoLocker ransomware prevention.

GB's uses Malwarebytes, Hitman Pro, and other utilities to clean infected systems.
When we use Hitman Pro on your system, it is a free 30-day trial version the first time. If you return with your system after the 30 day trial and it requires Hitman Pro to be ran again, you will be charged for adding a Hitman Pro 1 year license.

Beware of scams. "Microsoft" won't call you telling you have a virus. It is NOT Microsoft, and they will try to get remote access to your computer. Do not let them into your computer. Does a doctor call you to ask if you are sick? If you have fallen for one of these scams, contact us and we can check your system to see if they did any damage.

Virus removal requires bringing your computer in - We have seen some virus infections that are difficult to completely remove and take quite a while to clean up.
Some infections may require reformatting the system drives to completely clean and remove the infections. Not responsible for loss of personal data!

Your priceless data is worthless if it is lost - Back up your personal data!

Beware of pop-up windows saying your computer is infected, that is not coming from your antivirus software, these are scams.

  • Keep your antivirus program updated, including definitions. Run scans regularly - An outdated antivirus program or definitions is not much better than having no virus protection.

  • Multiple antivirus programs on a system cause more problems and provide less protection. Do not install more than one antivirus program on your system at a time. Completely uninstall your old antivirus software and reboot your system before installing a new antivirus program.

  • Be careful what you click on. If you don't click on something, you won't get a virus from it.

  • Windows comes with Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender depending on your Windows version. These work well, if you watch what you click on.

· We may remove the hard drive from your computer and hook it up to another system to do virus scans.

· We may turn off the ‘System Restore’ feature during virus repairs. This helps keep the computer from being re-infected when a system restore is required.

· It may be required to reformat your hard drive to remove viruses. —  All of your personal data will be lost! Not responsible for loss of personal data!

Beware of similar sounding programs (i.e. Antivirus Windows, Antivirus Vista, etc.), these ARE viruses!

Symantec\'s Norton AntiVirus 2007

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Backup your data! GB's is NOT responsible for the loss of your personal data.


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